The ART27 Manifesto

Throughout history, artists have contributed their vision, talent and expertise to creating diverse, inclusive attitudes in European societies. Today, alarmed by the increasing influence of fear and xenophobia in Europe, we launch ART27 as a platform to raise voices through the arts for social inclusion, for protection of the vulnerable and for honoring our culturally diverse societies.

We are a network of artists of all backgrounds, arts educators and arts organizations in Europe, who share these beliefs:

  • The interdependence of all humans and our shared destiny on the planet require us to protect each other and the earth.
  • The function of art is to illuminate our individual and collective experiences of life.
  • The diversity of Europe’s artistic and cultural heritage owes its richness to the movement of peoples into and across Europe through many centuries.
  • The freedoms, mutual respect, and collaborative processes central to artistic endeavors require artists and the artistic community to seek and ensure these attributes for all.

The human right to culture, as protected by Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is only accessible when all fundamental human rights are honored. These include the right to equality (Article 1), the right to life, liberty and personal security (Article 3), the right to free movement (Article 13) and the right to asylum and protection from persecution (Article 14).

We call on all artists – including aspiring and non-professional artists – and their organizations, associations, and schools to join us in solidarity with refugees and other vulnerable people, and to support tolerance, openness, inclusion, and the fundamental rights of every person as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We stand in solidarity with refugee artists, and dedicate our efforts – on the stage, in the gallery, in arts education, in the classroom, and in our wider communities- to further the social inclusion of newcomers and other vulnerable people in our diverse societies.