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ReSounding Ep.24 – Filming Asylum with Lizzi & John Swatland

By Podcast

In the early 2000’s Lizzi and John Swatland were not yet filmmakers or activists. After a chance encounter with a famous musician, however, the two soon found themselves involved in advocating for better treatment of refugees in Australia. Their involvement continued to grow into what would become Scattered People: a feature length documentary telling the stories of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, and how musicians were there to meet and support them.

Scattered People is an inspiring documentary showing how music and the arts can be the supporting tool that politics and policy often cannot. In this interview Lizzi and John tell us all about their amazing journey into the world of filmmaking, the support of famous artists along the way, and the wonderful life that the film has taken since its release.

This episode features audio excerpts from the film Scattered People, used with kind permission from Being Reel Films.
Watch the trailer here.

ReSounding was produced and edited by Ed Holland.

The art27 theme music ‘Come Together’ was written and performed by Matteo Galesi and was produced for art27 in collaboration with SYNCR.

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