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ReSounding Ep.23 – Taking the Stage with Selam Amare

By Podcast

Is it ok to make a joke of the refugee situation in Europe? Meet the London-based initiative that suggests that sometimes, humor can indeed be the best medicine!

No Direction Home, an event series by Counterpoints Arts is an event series that trains refugees and migrants in London in the art of stand-up comedy, getting them stage ready, and creating opportunities to share their stories with UK audiences.

This month Darren Abrahams spoke with Selam Amare, the producer of No Direction Home and stand-up comedian. Selam told us all about her surprising journey to the stage, as well as how she is celebrating her Ethiopian heritage through art and culture events.

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ReSounding was produced and edited by Ed Holland.

The art27 theme music ‘Come Together’ was written and performed by Matteo Galesi and was produced for art27 in collaboration with SYNCR.

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