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ReSounding Ep.18 – Putting Down Roots with Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe and Jennie Spears

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This month art27 member Darren Abrahams takes the reigns hosting and speaks to two organizations that use gardening, plants, food, and permaculture to create sustainability and resilience for refugees living in camps in East Africa and Northern Iraq/Kurdistan.

Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe is the founder of the Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, working in Uganda to create farming and sustainable food solutions within refugee camps. He is an educator in the field, leading training for young refugees to develop permaculture gardens.

Jennie Spears represents The Lemon Tree Trust, an organization transforming refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan by focussing on garden making, cooking, and working with the lands as a practice of security, culture, and community.

Lemon Tree Trust:

Rwamwanja Rural Foundation:

This episode features an excerpt of ‘Permaculture Song’ by the Rwamwanja Rural Foundation:

ReSounding was produced and edited by Ed Holland.

The art27 theme music ‘Come Together’ was written and performed by Matteo Galesi and was produced for art27 in collaboration with SYNCR.

You can find Matteo at: