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ReSounding Ep.13 – Building Community with Godfrey Lado

By Podcast

This month art27 Co-Founder Laura Hassler takes up hosting duty and speaks to Godfrey Lado, a musician and poet living in Amsterdam.

Born in South Sudan, Godfrey fled the country as a refugee when he faced the prospect of mandatory military service. Since arriving in the Netherlands he has negotiated a long and difficult journey to become a fully documented citizen. Now, through storytelling, music, and community building, Godfrey works with other undocumented migrants in Amsterdam to create a better standard of life.

Godfrey works with the organization ASKV Steunpunt Vluchtelingen, find out more about their work on their website.

This podcast features an excerpt of ‘Kabara Ta Intikhabat‘ by Godfrey Lado

ReSounding was produced and edited by Ed Holland.

The art27 theme music ‘Come Together’ was written and performed by Matteo Galesi and was produced for art27 in collaboration with SYNCR.

You can find Matteo at: